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Vacuum Homogenizers

    The manufacture of gels, creams, ointments and other products of complex rheology requiring the implementation of dispersions, dissolutions, homogenizations, emulsions, de-aerations and, where appropriate, thermal exchanges, requires special attention. Searching for solutions which combine productivity and quality, industrialists will find in the VMI vacuum mixer range a group of efficient machines covering the operations of formulation in the laboratory as well as large scale production operations.

    Cleaning, sterilization, but also control and automation are functions integrated into the design of these production units.


  • Trilab authorizes mixtures in the laboratory under conditions of production, particularly in a controlled atmosphere, and thus brings pilot type results directly extrapolated to higher scales. It consists of three types of coaxial agitation: 1 central agitation, 1 scraping movement and 1 rotor/stator at bowl base. It may optionally be equipped with an integrated heater (Hotlab)

  • For production volumes comprised between 3 and 20000 litres, the Trimix line (with fixed or adjustable head) combines within a single bowl emulsion and dispersion operations thanks to the rotor/stator installed in bowl base, and agitation operations thanks to two contra-rotating pendular tools ensuring an ideal homogenization across the volume and promote, where appropriate, thermal transfer.

  • Misceo is the latest in the range of vacuum homogenizers from VMI. It is the result of our large experience in the field of mixing and the expectations of many users in terms of simplicity of configuration . This homogenizer ensures an optimal mixing quality thanks to its efficient and independent mixing tools. Its design guaranties, with no compromise at all, a very safe usage, manufacturing tracing and appropriate cleaning facilities for manufacturers of the most demanding cosmetical products.

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