Committed to offer the best service in any situation, anywhere, VMI drew up a new Charter of Services to ensure to its industrial customers a level of service which meets their expectations.

Commitment n°1

To accompany each client in a proactive way to adapt VMI's products and solutions to their specifics needs.

Commitment n°2

To efficiently participate in the optimization of mixing process by offering in priority and to the best conditions the technical innovations developed by VMI.

Commitment n°3

To take in consideration the overall technical problems of customers production, in a consistent desire to optimize the VMI's integration of mixing solutions at the core of production systems.

Commitment n°4

To participate, if needed, to the definition of cost prices for manufacturing process.

Commitment n°5

To provide each customer, when needed, the technical support of VMI's Engineering consultants to define the specifications.

Commitment n°6

To work on the customer's site to install efficiently the machines and for their operation.

Commitment n°7

To provide production teams the training and support needed for a quick and controlled start of the new equipment.

Commitment n°8

To permanently ensure the quality of the responsiveness and performance of VMI's Customer service, its technical support, as part of maintenance contracts adapted to the needs of the customers.
Charter of Services VMI

Support, Customer Service

Through a global network of distribution and representation agents, the VMI Group provides a high quality support service. The Customer service, with 22 people, treats 600 orders per month, 100 phone calls and 60 faxes per day, and must hold some 100 to 120 maintenance visits of facilities per year. It is without any doubt important to note that 70% of spare part orders passed to us are delivered on the same day.

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