Innovation at VMI
Innovation at VMI

The ability to innovate cannot come out of nothing. It is organized and can only be the result of the will to move forward, to let your customers progress and to remain the leader. At VMI, this desire has materialized since several years already by a number of major advances in the fields of blending and dough mixing. Many patents have been filed, of which the most recent are:

  • Horizontal mixer with asymmetrical bowl – reference : 10v185-00212
  • Frostmix – reference : 10v185-00312
  • Beater support structure – reference : 10v185-00612
  • Manufacture and storage machine for natural liquid leaven – reference : 10v185-00712
  • Device constituting a discharge valve of a liquid product, such as natural liquid leaven from a bowl – reference : 10v185-00812
  • Roller bearing for the mounting and the waterproof guidance of a shaft – reference : 10v185-01112
  • Horizontal mixer with pitched blades – reference : 10v185-01212
  • Vacuum mixing procedure with oxygene introduction and device for the implementation of this procedure – reference : 10v185-01612
  • Resilient support system of a recipient with regards to a blender’s mixing head – references : 10v185-01912 et 10v185-02012
  • Scraping device for the bowl’s internal surface – reference : 10v185-02112
  • Mixer and blender with driven tools by bowl rotation – references : 10v185-02212 et 44068
  • Continuous blending device of an alimentary dough comprising a centrifugal blending tool and a lateral evacuation – reference : 10v185-02612
  • Continuous blending device of an alimentary dough comprising two types of superposed blending tools and a lateral evacuation – reference : 44366

These incessant efforts are supported by regular investments, with significant human and material resources and an organization conducive to best bring out the spirit of innovation. A unit entirely dedicated to R&D is devoted to upstream research tasks and shoulders effectively the daily work of our design departments. Two testing laboratories allow this substantive work under the best conditions. Recently, an Innovation and Marketing Committee has been established within our organization to enhance even further our ability to innovate, in line with the expectations of our customers.